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Trade and overseas representation

The CIML has been in the market for many years now. Our knowledge of the market and extensive interaction with international corporations, has enabled us to offer our services to corporations interested in approaching the greatest oil & gas market, Property and Construction Management, Educational Consultancy and Travel and Tours.

Now, we can assist you in achieving a strong presence in South and West African regions with minimum setup cost. You would be given the equal opportunity of competing in these regions with or without an agent!

We will guide you through the complex legal system and allow you the benefit of choosing from several candidates who your sponsor/JV partner/ agent would be.

Our knowledge of the many prosperous corporations would allow you the opportunity to audit your partner before you commit to any legal obligations.

We will provide you with contractual needs, legal requirements, a yard-location, a storage facility, corporate offices, logistics, transportation, communication etc?

Additionally, we would be able to assist you in your company’s registration, source an appropriate and capable agent/JV partner/sponsor.

Other services would include, visit visas, airport pick-up, conference rooms and hotel accommodation.

Registering with your intended customer might require a period of many years. With the proper knowledge of expected market share, competitor intelligence and customer needs, you would be able to achieve your goals in a smaller time frame.

Our in-house Business Development consultants would provide you with the knowledge you need to react swiftly in accordance with the markets need. They will work alongside your existing or future partners if needed.

Our team of consultants has successfully registered major corporations.



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