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Property and Construction Management

Every organisation wants to make the most of their real estate, but they often aren’t sure where to start and which way to head. Many think it’s simply a decision to build, buy or sell.

But our Real Estate Advisory team thinks differently.

A different approach to real estate

We take your whole business into account. We look at your needs and objectives. And we see opportunities where others just see a quick sale.

We are a diverse team with backgrounds ranging from principal developers, architects, valuers, management consultants, finance experts and merger and acquisition specialists. It means that we are just as comfortable talking business, finance and tax as we are with development applications, site plans, construction and fit-outs.

How many real estate advisors can say that?

Property advisory services

Our property advisory services include:

  • strategic advice on single property assets through to entire portfolios
  • integration of real estate strategy into the wider corporate strategy
  • partnering and joint venture advice and deal structuring
  • market soundings, competitor analysis and market landscapes.

Transaction services to get the deal done

Our transactions services cover:

  • opportunity targeting, identification and evaluation
  • asset and portfolio due diligence and advisory support
  • financial development and support
  • divestment or acquisition strategy, negotiation and deal structuring.

Experts in project delivery

We provide delivery services including:

  • design and approval management
  • construction and delivery management
  • project sales and marketing.

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