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Alliances and partnerships

6 Reasons for forming strategic global business alliances

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Business Development

Developing your business is our passion

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Educational Consultancy

With a team of well informed and Trained Talents, we can boost that we have created a niche in this Area. Each of our Training Participants gets a Free Laptop with uploaded Training Materials. This will enhance the participant learning and listening process because they don’t have to write whilst lectures are on. Participants can decide on which country best suit then. We provide Invitation Letters that are honoured in the Countries we are Based.

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Event Management

There are a number of companies hosting and organizing events on a regular basis. These range from the small-time private events to the large-scale international events. Yes, the large-scale ones do happen far rarer and here is where we fit in. With Tinkerbell Event Management …We are the Best.

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Travel and Tours

We bring your groups' travel dreams to life and help you grow your own travel business at the same time

Oil and Gas Development

We deal with Major Stake holders in the Oil and Gas Industry. We have major partnerships with reliable sellers of Crude oil and its products. Among the Oil and Gas Products we deal on are but not limited to:

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Energy Drink Manufacturing

We have all the potentials you can imagine. After so many years in this business we have excellent relationships with all major flavor houses and functional food ingredients suppliers.

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Trade and overseas representation

The CIML has been in the market for many years now. Our knowledge of the market and extensive interaction with international corporations, has enabled us to offer our services to corporations interested in approaching the greatest oil & gas market, Property and Construction Management, Educational Consultancy and Travel and Tours.

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Property and Construction Management

Every organisation wants to make the most of their real estate, but they often aren’t sure where to start and which way to head. Many think it’s simply a decision to build, buy or sell.


As a company supporting the growth strategies of clients, CIML helps companies find opportunities and mitigate risks, by providing companies with their needs, provide relevant services for their growth and deliver on our promises.

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